Railroad Bridge Shelby County Chamber of Commerce - Shelbyville, IN



The City of Shelbyville was named in honor of Isaac Shelby, Kentucky Governor and Indian fighter. The city was incorporated in 1850. Shelbyville is conveniently located just 33 miles south east of Indianapolis. Learn More


The town of Fairland was founded in 1852 and incorporated in 1866. The town is conveniently located 15 minutes outside of Indianapolis and lies within the Indianapolis Metropolitan area. Learn More


Established in 1828, Morristown was the third town laid out in the Shelby County area. Located between Greenfield and Shelbyville, the town has easy access to State Road 9 and 52. Learn More


Waldron sits approximately 9 miles southeast of downtown Shelbyville. The town is conveniently located between Shelbyville and Greensburg along Interstate 74. Established in 1854, the town was originally named Stroupville after George Stroup who laid out the land on the line of CI, St. L and C railroad in Liberty Township. Learn More


Marietta is located approximately 15 minutes southwest of downtown Shelbyville. This town popped up several years ago as a railroad town. Learn More